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What a God send your ministry has been to me! I spent thousands of dollars on 

Christian counseling and read dozens of books including God's word over the past two and half years. In less than one month I've been set free of so many strong holds, most of which I didn't even know I had. 

I came to you with an open heart, honesty and a real desire to be set free. You never judged me. You walked me through each step. I know you spent a lot of hours in prayer and gathering the information I needed. Answered all my questions and God did the rest. 

What a blessing to be able to tap into 30 years of experience in deliverance. To come away with a firm knowledge of not only how the doors got opened to satan but, our authority in Jesus to kick him out and close those doors.

The American church so desperately needs this ministry! I pray God bless you with tremendous growth to spread this across the body of Christ. And poor out a financial blessing too. May people honor you abundantly for the freedom you have directed them to.  Your kindness and generosity returned to you ten-fold. AMEN   


                                                                                      Love You, Cheryl   

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