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The Garden is The King's Fisher Ministries House Church.

Paul and Pamela Smith would love you to come to our house church.  The power of God has been moving in our midst.  We have seen healing, lives changed through deliverance, Baptism of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues.  Had great teaching that has inspired and people report learning a lot.  We are inspiring our sphere of influence and want you to join in with us.
Because we are a small group we have time to get to know you, as the Bible says "know those who labor among you". You matter to God and to us.  We will never turn into a large church but seek to reproduce the house church model as we go; thus enabling others to use their gifts too through training and releasing.  We are passionate about the model of house church which we see in the book of Acts, where they shared their lives and broke bread together. 
Twenty years ago God told Pamela through a vision that the future of the church would be cell church.  People in true community sharing lives and the love of Christ together.  If you want a group that is small, personal and powerfully supernatural this group is for you, we make no apologies for being naturally supernatural, it is fun.
We desire to have a serious impact your life, to equip and release you into what God has planned for you. 
We desire that our families, cities and the world at large see the manifest Kingdom of God demonstrated in their midst.  Our world has lost it's direction which is what happens when you take God out society. History shows that when good people do nothing, evil triumphs.
We are on a mission!  Do you want a goal - a purpose for your life?  Join us and see what God will do with you!

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