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My Book:

Lessons Straight From God's Heart

This book contains many lessons from a hard life.  From fear and anxiety, to poor self image.  How to overcome obstacles of life including suicidal tendencies.   God has brought Pamela through two mercenary wars in Congo including being held at gun point.  Divorce, abandonment, rejection, bereavement, grief, raising three children as a single parent for ten years, emigrating to another country the USA and struggles of getting established. 

In all these and many more hard lessons God has safely brought her and her three children though with faith and tenacity developed in the fires of life.  God told Pamela  that she would be able to help many people by her experiences.  To-date, the book has changed lives, stopped suicide, brought healing, inspiration, encouragement and salvation.  The book has profoundly changed the lives of some who are in prison/jail.

The book starts with the love of God and who God is.  Detailing the death and resurrection of Christ and why it matters.  Through basic but deep discipleship with knowledgeable insights.  Moving onto overcoming and success.  It is an easy read with short chapters to study one at a time.

Now available from either in paper-back or digital versions and from Xulon Press, Barnes and Noble book stores, retailing around $15 /16 dollars.

Click here to order your paper back or Kindle copy today.

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