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Through God's Grace: to grow disciples who produce good fruit in their lives that in turn produce quality disciples of Christ.

Mission statements on how we fulfill our vision:-

Mission 1:
Meet weekly in the evening to worship God, Pray together and learn through teaching and Bible Study. 
Monthly for Sunday mornings.

Mission 2:
Develop a committed covenant relationship of love and the fruit of it. 

Mission 3:
Setting you up to start well by discipling and getting you free from your past so you can go forwards.  Establishing a good foundation in your walk with the Lord.  Use of discipleship materials and Bible study,  repentance and forgiveness, and prophetic prayer ministry by the Holy Spirit's guidance.

Mission 4:
Learning how to become a disciplined person and a disciple of Jesus Christ, they go hand in hand. Personal mentoring and spiritual counceling.

Mission 5 :
Being teachable and taking personal responsibility for your growth, study and commitment. You can't grow properly if you are not in the Word.  The word of God is living and active, so it reads you through the power of the Holy spirit to train you up. 

​Mission 6:
To encourage you to have daily Bible study and prayer to renew your mind according to the Word of God and to enable you to fight the good fight.  The Bible is your spiritual food.  We are hot on deliverance to help you move forward when you are stuck in your walk with God.

Mission 7:
To equip you in personal and corporate spiritual warfare and life skills.  Includes being baptized in Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues, the gateway to the Supernatural life you crave.  Tongues also builds your inner spirit up,  It is the perfect prayer with the Holy Spirit interceding through you.

Mission 8:
To practically and prayerfully support and love your immediate family, church family and your neighbors as yourself.

Mission 9:
To actively love your neighbor as yourself.  Exercising the gift of hospitality and friendship.

Mission: 10.
To transform our world locally, globally through prayer and love in action.

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